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Tree Surgery and Tree Care Serving Mid Wales and Shropshire Borders

At STICKSnSTONES all of our team are Experienced, qualified and insured to carry out every aspect of Tree Surgery. We work in tree preservation & conservation. We specialise in dead and dangerous trees that require pruning or dismantling and unsafe trees which are close to or extending over properties. We can dismantle trees in small sections using rigging and ropes to avoid damage to buildings, garden plants and other precious structures.

Our pruning work includes crown lifting, thinning, height reductions and the removal of deadwood. Other services include cable bracing (Cobra bracing), crane work and Habitat creation. We are happy to work on all trees, big or small, and offer a full site clean up as standard. We can remove, chip or habitat pile branches and can leave timber as desired, in sections, stacked, logged and split or simply removed. 

We offer planting for both domestic clients and corporate forestry. For forestry we also offer break out services.

STICKSnSTONES are available for Emergency call outs 24/7 for any windblown or storm damage trees you may have.


Tree Survery


Dead & Dangerous

We are qualified to provide a rigorous survey for our customers and their trees in order to establish any causes for concern and to help us give the best advice for tree care. Surveys can be carried out aerially and also at the roots, where fungus is often a give away of a trees health.

Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, but can be done to reduce the tree once mature in order to regrow a crown lower down.

We are experts in removing dead or dangerous trees. We can remove in hazardous locations, next to roads or buildings etc. The removals are controlled through precise rigging techniques, ensuring that no damage occurs.

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Pruning is carried out for a number of reasons, mainly tree health or tree aesthetics. We can remove diseased or damaged branches which could compromise the safety of the tree. excess growth can be removed from inside the crown to allow more sunlight and airflow. Overweighted sections of the tree can be lightened to avoid future damage. The crown can be reshaped or reduced to fit surroundings.

Section Felling

This is often used on multi-stem trees where damage or ill health, to a section or stem, is likely to cause safety issues and cannot be mitigated by pruning.  Our climbers  will dismantle these sections using rigging and lowering techniques to avoid damage below. 

Emergency & Roadside

We are available for emergency call outs, no matter the time or day. Please note all emergency work is subject to callout related fees and charges. We are also able to provide tree care for roadside trees, of which, we have numerous options

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Hedge Laying

Overgrown, unruly or patchy hedges can be laid to create an attractive and effective barrier, which will be easy to maintain in the future and help keep vital habitat. 

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